Tunic - 71st Infantry Regiment (29th Infantry Div - Destroyed at Stalingrad)



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This piece is interesting on several levels.  

First the piece itself was featured in Frederick Adolphus's "Militaria" magazine (Jan-Feb 2010).  The the subject of the article was about converted Waffenrock uniforms and this piece was one of the examples he chose to feature in the magazine article.  This piece comes with the complete magazine issue as well as a nice letter of thanks from Mr. Adolphus thanking me for providing photos to assist with his article.

The 2nd thing that is really interesting about this piece is the unit in which the owner of this piece served.  This piece is well marked and the owner of this piece was in the 71st Infantry Regiment.  This was a motorized infantry regiment that was a component of the 29th motorized infantry division.  It served in all of the famous campaigns from 1939 thru 1943 when it was finally destroyed at Stalingrad.  Being a motorized infantry division it served with all of the panzer/blitzkrieg thrusts in Poland and France.  In Russia it served with Army Group Center at Minsk, Smolensk and finally Guardian's drive on Tula.  It eventually ended up heading south in mid-1942 and was surrounded with the rest of the 6th Army in the Stalingrad pocket where it was destroyed in January of 1943.

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