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Regimental Depot - About Us

Sometimes people ask who we are and how we started. There are four of us involved in Regimental Depot. Two very good life long friends, Dan Whitaker, Kevin Fosso and of course my very patient wife Donna. Dan, Kevin and I have been good friends with similar interests in military history and war gaming for just about as long as I can remember. You will sometimes find both Dan and Kevin behind our tables at the major shows we attend. If anyone has a question about the Civil War, stop by and ask Dan. His knowledge is unmatched by anyone I've ever met. Donna is a superb artist and designer. Besides her patience, it is Donna who is responsible for the attractiveness of our displays and presentation.

As to how we got started, as with many other dealers and collectors, it goes back to my father and mother's service during WWII and all the "neat things" dad brought back. My mother worked at the Allison engine (P-40 & P-51) factory in Indianapolis. My father served in the 121st Armored Cavalry Squadron (part of the 106th Armored Cavalry Group). As a kid I loved huddling in a corner while mom, dad, friends & relatives talked about their experiences during the war. Especially interesting was my uncle that served in the 504th Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division. Sadly for my parents, I must also credit him for learning many "new words" as a child.

Though they are all gone now, I will remember and will be grateful for their service until the end of my days. What a gift it was to grow up around such people. It is with thanks and appreciation that I dedicate my efforts to preserve a little bit of history to my mother and father. Thank you mom and dad.