Close Combat Clasp



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# 2868

Maker- Josef Feix & Sohne - JFS

COA From Mr. Thomas M. Durante:

A nice example of a wartime 2nd Pattern Close Combat Clasp by JFS. This is a textbook 1.12.2 variant as shown in the Close Combat Clasp book, with typical 4-tab crimping around the hinge. The clasp has the original blackened backplate, and is characteristically magnetic along with the hinge, pin and catch. The reverse of the clasp is also appropriately marked with the firm's signature maker mark "JFS" in raised relief next to the hinge and designer's mark adjacent to the catch. A nicely worn example. The described and pictured piece is an original example of this award. Size, weight and dimensions are correct to known examples. This documents a lifetime guarantee on the above details and is accurate based on the information available to date.