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# 3362

Maker- Berg & Nolte (B&N L)

COA From Mr. Thomas M. Durante:

Luftwaffe Pilot Badge by the Berg & Nolte firm of Ludenscheid. A textbook, early example by this maker with a Nickel Silver wreath and Silver-plated Brass eagle. As is typical with this maker, the eagle is darkened with an artificial oxidation layer, while the wreath has a frosted silver finish. The yellowish/red discoloration on the wreath is the result of aging of the clear protective lacquer that B&NL applied to its badges, and is a feature commonly seen specifically on Luftwaffe badges by this firm. The reverse hardware setup and rivets are also typical of this maker, however the catch has been replaced. Berg & Nolte's maker mark is included on the reverse of the eagle in the normal fashion. ' The described and pictured piece is an original example of this award. Size, weight and dimensions are correct to known examples. This documents a lifetime guarantee on the above details and is accurate based on the information available to date.