Radio Operator/Gunner Badge



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# 3549

Maker- Wilhelm Deumer

COA From Mr. Thomas M. Durante:

Textbook Luftwaffe Radio Operator/Airgunner badge, by the well known L├╝denscheidbased firm of Wilhelm Deumer. A representative mid-to-late war example, the wreath and eagle are both made from zinc, including the rivets which are correctly ovalshaped; characteristic of Deumer's later-war production. The reverse hardware setup is also typical, with a slender block hinge sitting on an oval base plate and thick-wire catch on a circular base plate. The pin, with its flattened spine is also a signature of "Deumer" production. The reverse of the eagle carries the correct, wartime Deumer maker mark. All in all, a nice unmessed with original with nice layer of patina and honest wear. The described and pictured piece is an original example of this award. Size, weight and dimensions are correct to known examples. This documents a lifetime guarantee on the above details and is accurate based on the information available to date.