Generalmajor von Hirschfeld



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Nice signed pencildrawing card of Generalmajor Hirschfeld. An extremely interesting officer and holder of the Knights Cross with Oakleaves as well as the German Cross in Gold. Another Gebrigsjager, he spent most of the war with the 98th Gebrigsjager Regiment. Though considered a very competent officer, sadly his name is linked to responsibility for the massacre of nearly 5,000 Italians on the Greek island of Cefalonia. They had been disarmed when Italy quitted the Axis cause. Apparently the Germans took offense to the Italian Division's (Acqui Division) celebration at it's departure from the war. He eventually rose to command one of the most interesting Infantry Divisions in the German Army. The 78th Sturm Division was a unique experimental unit. It was organized especially for assaults coordinating heavily armed infantry with heavy direct fire artillery. It achieved a reputation for being able to tackle especially tough positions. It was destroyed at Orsha along with most of Army Group Center in the Soviets summer offensive in 1944. It had such a reputation that the Germans reformed it (largely at Himmler's urging) as the 78th Volks Sturm Division. Von Hirschfeld was chosen to command the division in December but was killed on 01/18/45 at the Dunkla Pass.