Observer Badge

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# 4077

Maker- F. W. Assmann

COA From Mr. Thomas M. Durante:

Luftwaffe Observer Badge by the Assmann & Söhne, Lüdenscheid. A textbook mid-tolate wartime example by this maker with an eagle and wreath made from zinc. The reverse hardware setup is typical of Assmann's later-war, zinc-based production with flattened, "pancake" rivets, small barrel hinge and flat wire catch sitting on a round base plate. The reverse of the eagle harbor's Assmann's characteristic "flat-footed" maker mark. The eagle still retains much of its darkened finish, but appears chalky, typical of later-war "economy" finishes by this maker. The wreath's silver finish has largely dissipated despite the protective lacquer, only remaining on the non-zinc parts of the reverse such as the hinge, pin and catch. A relatively rare badge to find compared with early, nickel-silver Assmann Observers. The described and pictured piece is an original example of this award. Size, weight and dimensions are correct to known examples. This documents a lifetime guarantee on the above details and is accurate based on the information available to date.